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Private Limited Companies

Private Limited Companies

Territory Rights

• Within the District of the Store Location

• All districts including Federal Territory, State Capital or Major Towns

• Within the District of the Store Location

• All districts excluding Federal Territory and State Capital

Ideal outlet location

• Ground floor corner shop lot, preferably near colleges, schools, government administrative centers or large residential or commercial projects

• Minimum floor area of 1750sq.ft

• Ground floor intermediate shop lot, preferably near university, colleges, schools, government administrative centers or large residential or commercial projects

• Minimum floor area of 1300 sq.ft

Target Franchisee

• Existing Wholesale Agents/Retailers of Stationary Products

• Any persons with minimum of 5 years of experience or involvement in the Stationery Industry

• Existing Retailers of Stationery Products

• Any persons with minimum of 5 years experience or involvement in the stationery industry



Why RONA Franchise?
• Proper set-up and complete guidance
• Trademark/Brand identity
• Existing network/distribution channels
• 100% Bumiputera owned business
• Price advantage - direct supply from manufacturers/dealers
• Stock financing by franchisor
• Franchise financing available for qualified Bumiputera candidates
Unique Image, Brand = Credibility 
Large Stock = Reliability
Service = Dependability
Unique Selling features of franchise.
• Unique Brand
• Instant Wholesaler Status
• Business Know-How
• Favorable Product Pricing
• License – Qualify via Franchise

RONA Franchise-Fees
FRACHISE FEES        = RM30,000.00
ROYALTY FEE           = 3%
% monthly turnover      = paid monthly
A & P                         = 1%
Annual turnover            = paid monthly
RENOVATION      = RM 85,000 - RM 120,000
FITTINGS             = RM 20,000 - RM 35,000
EQUIPMENT        = RM 25,000 - RM 30,000
PHOTOSTAT        = RM  20,000
                              RM 150,000 - RM 205,000
INI.INVENTORY    = RM 120,000
TOTAL                = RM 270,000 - RM 325,000



Why Own a Rona Franchise?

The benefits of owning a Rona Franchise vs. building your own business from the ground up are many. We've listed a few here that you should find interesting....

  • Established Track Record

As a franchise buyer, you become part of a proven system of operation. Rona Franchise Corp. offers a proven concept with exclusive products and services that have sold successfully.


  • Faster Start Up 

You'll have a shorter learning curve and avoid making all common mistakes of a business startup. As a Rona Franchise Owner than as an independent because you'll receive in-depth training on all aspects of operation. You'll receive assistance from a company with lots of experience to draw upon in managing operations successfully. You and your personnel get in-depth training, instruction, and frequent updates.


  • Name Recognition and Brand Awareness

With a Rona Franchise, you get the benefits that occur with an established brand name. As a new Rona Franchisee, your store will receive instant recognition through our RONA BRAND. The RONA BRAND is built on Credibility, Dependability and Reliability, which we are certain you as a Rona Franchisee will directly benefit.


  • Business Support

- As a franchisee, you will receive valuable ongoing business support, including site selection and built-out assistance,training,marketing, inventory, bookkeeping, new technology, and more! You will also receive a detailed Operations Manual that provides an in-depth reference of all aspects of running your Rona Franchise Store.

- You will also receive favorable product pricing through RONA bulk purchases directly from manufacturers or national distributors. The RONA Products Manual will provide you with detail product information.

- The only way to secure your destiny is to take control of it yourself. When you own your own business - your hard work can be seen first hand. With a Rona Franchise Store, you may be able to create a better future for your family than you might while working for someone else, or starting an independent business from scratch.


  • Training, Training, and Training

Another huge benefit of owning your own Rona Franchise Store is the unparalleled training you receive. You receive intense training at our corporate headquarters, "on-the-job" training at your store and ongoing training and education - both at corporate headquarters and your store. If ever a question arises that isn't covered in any of the training classes, or in your very own Operations Manual - you're never more than a phone call or an email away from help.

- With a Rona Franchise Store, you're in business FOR yourself, but not in business BY yourself!You'll be part of a winning team that's changing the way our industry does business!